Sunday, 29 April 2007

Last Week's Work

Last week I designed a new dungaree set for bears for a customer for a 5" bear. These are the first two prototypes. When I start a new design I begin with a biggish one just to get the design. This was the darker one for a 9" bear. The cream one was second for a 6" bear and the 3rd - well that one has gone off to one happy customer for her 5" bear to wear. These two will go onto my web site at some point soon or to a bear fair with me.

I have only done 3 bear fairs so far and it amuses me to find that my stand sometimes becomes like Marks and Spencer fitting room for bears as people come along with bears from different stands to try on all the different clothes. It is difficult to have enough different sizes though to please every bear.

I love to knit or crochet late at night when I am too tired to work on bears but not tired enough to go to bed, I can sit with my knitting and watch television as I don't have to look which is good when I want to give my eyes a break and I am still creating something at the same time. I just hate getting so tired that I have to give in and go to bed as I feel it a waste of hours when I am asleep. It is amazing how many outfits I accumulate though in that bit of time.

I am constantly searching out new fine yarns for these little outfits. I like to make them from fine Pure Merino or Bottany Wool, maybe sometimes Silk or fine cotton or quality mix. Mohair bears are such a luxury it seems a shame to put them into anything less.

Oh well thats all for today, I am loving this blogging but back to work and cooking the dinner - just a thought, wouldn't it be good if we could just take a pill instead of cooking, eating and washing up, there would be even more time to craft ..... maybe not, food is so good and so comforting, would be a waste!!

Warm wishes