Monday, 30 April 2012

A New Design

I lost my mojo last week with my bear making and although I had a few bears cut out and in various stages of construction I wasn't enjoying them, so when I feel like this I have to have a break from them and do something fresh. Sometimes it might just be that I need a new stash of fabrics  to inspire me but at the moment the amount of fabric I have in my cupboard did not justify a splurge on some more.  So I brought a design that I had floating in my head for about 4 or 5 months to life and my lovely piggy girl was born.  She took quite a while from design to construction but I am so thrilled with how she came out that I want to now create some more piggies, girls and boys, small and tall, this little one is 9" which was an ideal size to start a new design.  
This was just what I needed and I feel very refreshed now, mojo back I can get on and finish those bears that I had put aside before cutting out some more piggies. 

See you next time

Pauline x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Knitting Crazy

Knitting Crazy!

The Leeds Bear Fair a couple of weeks back was a lovely fair, quite a few bears found new homes but still got a few needing homes and have listed them onto thewebsite now. The Easter bunnies found new homes apart from Clover who is still waiting to be adopted. I made a new selection of bear clothes for the fair and almost sold out so this last couple of weeks I have been in knitting mood and replenished my stock a little. I have put some on my website clothes page for sale, do pop over to have a look if you get chance there are some lovely bits and pieces.
I am now working on a summer collection of bears and also a few miniature bears to list on Ebay. Keep hoping to be able to take work out into the garden soon but it seems to have turned back to winter again here, very cold and blustery. See you next time.

Pauline x