Friday, 25 January 2008

I'm Neele Felting at Last!!!

I'm Needle Felting at last!!!

Well, at last I think I am conquering the needle felting phobia…. I have longed to try but had this, big phobia going on for ages with the needles, I eventually took the plunge and got over it. The first try was just a hard round ball which I just discarded. The second try was this red bear head, not sure if I will treat him to a body and am thinking about this at the moment. The third try was to felt onto an already made bear’s face and this white bear is the result and I think I personally prefer this to making a bear from scratch. I didn’t find needle felting easy, I found it quite difficult to shape a bear’s head with a needle, sponge and bit of fluffy wool… amazing, and I am now in awe of the talented needle felt artists that make whole and beautiful creations. I am still in disbelief that I did not prick myself once …I did come very, very near… but I must admit I did use that needle very, very, very, very slowly ha ha, Charlotte had a bit of a laugh through this little challenge.

I do not love this technique but I am so glad I know how to do it now and I feel it will be a valuable addition to add to my bear making techniques for the future.

Warm wishes


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Needle Felting Mania

Happy New Year to All

Just a few pictures to start off 2008 with – Charlotte has still got the needle felting bug, she hasn’t made any mohair bears since getting started, I am amazed that she still has all her fingers intact she gets sooooo near with that needle!! I sometimes can’t take my eyes off the process and watch her pricking and shaping for hours with little bits of wool that looks like fluff and turns them into these cute bears. Chip, Nutmeg and Gretchen are the latest 3, I think they are getting prettier with each one.

I have had a little go and am still so scared of the needle that I cant use both hands so there isn’t much shaping getting done, I would like to master it and am trying to devise something long to hold the piece well away from my hand and then prick with the other, I tried with pliers but it was just squashing the piece out of shape (much to Charlotte’s amusement, she is trying so hard with me) – there must be a way, I will find one soon!! But in the meantime I am happy to carry on making my usual mohair bears.