Monday, 15 February 2010

A Good Week

A Good Week

Last week was a good one for me, the weather was a bit better than it has been for a few weeks, there was a couple of snow flurries but it did not last long and I can see the first signs of spring, snowdrops budding in the garden, holidays advertised everywhere, easter eggs and gifts in shops, it does make me feel better.

I seemed to have more energy last week and it was very productive as a result, I completed this little elephant Florrie who is listed on Ebay this week, also I have 5 new bears cut out and half sewn for the Leeds bear fair. I finished my lovely cardigain but just have beads to sew on before I take pics. I also have a few little bear cardigains that I had been on with for the Leeds fair finished, just need to add buttons and press. I also had time to join Facebook which I have been planning for the last 6 months!

So on Saturday I thought I had deserved a break and so we went for a drive to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, one of our favorite places, really would love to live there when we get around to moving house. It was a nice drive, no ice on the roads for a change, we called at the local creamry which Hawes is famous for and bought some fancy cheeses, some with caramalised onions in and another was a nice cheddar with port, they also have some nice chutneys in bottles so we had a few of those too. We stayed there for a coffee in the creamry coffee shop. Then we walked down the high street shops and found a craft fair open, not many stands but the ones that were there had some nice quality items. On the way back we stopped off for early dinner near Skipton at the Craven Heifer Hotel which I can highly recommend, good homemade food and an extensive menu. It was very full being Valentine weekend but luckily we managed to find a table.

Anyway, back to work now, need to get a bit further with the bears for Leeds this week. Bye for now