Monday, 23 March 2009

Show Time!

Show Time!

It's nearly time for my first show of the year, the Leeds Bear Fair is this Saturday 28th March, I am looking forward to it very much, I love this show, it always has a lovely atmosphere, it is quite local for me which is a huge bonus . Whilst I am excited it has been hectic in the last couple of weeks, I cut all the bears out ages ago but have only just put the finishing touches on them (with less than a week to go!!) and photographed them all. Here are a few pictures and there are some more to look at on the website Valewood Bears .

I have designed this cute little bear with needle felted details just recently and they are becoming quite popular. However, I do love my traditional design, which I make in 3 different sizes and it is nice to have something for everyone so I have quite a mixture to take along on Saturday, together with some lovely new bear outfits for the rail. Hope to see a few of you there, it's great to chat to collectors and other artist too. If not I hope you have time to pay them all a visit on the website.


Friday, 13 March 2009

A Week of Gremlins

A Week of Gremlins

There is a saying that everything comes in 3s, it's usually true for me, this week though it seems it comes in 7s. It started with the cooker failing, it's funny but it has been working perfectly until this week, we are having a new kitchen in soon and I was thinking of putting the old cooker back in (it's a built in one) as it worked well, but as it is brown it crossed my mind that maybe it would look out of place with all the new silver things that will be going into the new kitchen and just wondered if to invest in a silver one, so I went to have a look at a few in a showroom, the next day my old cooker failed, it is as if it knew I had fallen out with it!!

The next day my fire in the dining room failed, will not light at all so waiting for service men coming out to it. I waited for the 3rd thing to fail and yes it happened. The car's clutch had been playing up a bit for a while, now it refuses to go up even the smallest hill so is booked in for a new one in a couple of days. I thought that would be it and said to hubby "oh well everything comes in 3s".

BUT, the next day, can't believe it, my kettle is leaking, my iron has failed and my hair tongs are flickering, sometimes working and sometimes not, also British Telecom came up the street to do a job for a neighbor and when they went away I noticed my house phone dead. I rang them from my mobile phone and they had to send somebody out to connect us again. It is Friday now and hopefully the gremlins have now gone to spend next week somewhere else, not that I would wish all this on anybody else.

In between the bad bits I did finish this pretty little girl who is on Ebay until Sunday, her name is Lola, just 5 inches, I am feeling like using brighter colours as spring is on the way!

Friday, 6 March 2009

2 New Bunnies

New Bunnies

Yes I know it isn't Easter time yet, but I thought I would just bob these two little bunnies on to say hello!

Both have just been adopted, Lana at the top is 4" small, she has gone to live in Wales and 11" Alice at the bottom who has gone to live in Devon. I love making bunnies, I almost always have one or two on my stands at shows and most of the ones I make are vintage style and nearly always girls dressed in knitted lace dresses. Just cut another two out, hoping to get them finished for my first fair of the year at Leeds on the 28th of this month. I have a few bears finished now for the fair, they are just needing accessories. They may be popping on to say hello very soon. I'm also busy knitting for the fair, I always like to have a rail at the side of my stand with clothes for bears and have quite a few people who come back each time now looking for something new! I find it amusing and cute when people bring the bears along to try things on, its especially funny when boy bears get a dress tried on by his owner. I do have some really pretty dresses but they look awful on typical boy bears. Oh well, I'd best get a few more nice cardigans done and then there are plenty for the boys too. Back to work