Friday, 6 March 2009

2 New Bunnies

New Bunnies

Yes I know it isn't Easter time yet, but I thought I would just bob these two little bunnies on to say hello!

Both have just been adopted, Lana at the top is 4" small, she has gone to live in Wales and 11" Alice at the bottom who has gone to live in Devon. I love making bunnies, I almost always have one or two on my stands at shows and most of the ones I make are vintage style and nearly always girls dressed in knitted lace dresses. Just cut another two out, hoping to get them finished for my first fair of the year at Leeds on the 28th of this month. I have a few bears finished now for the fair, they are just needing accessories. They may be popping on to say hello very soon. I'm also busy knitting for the fair, I always like to have a rail at the side of my stand with clothes for bears and have quite a few people who come back each time now looking for something new! I find it amusing and cute when people bring the bears along to try things on, its especially funny when boy bears get a dress tried on by his owner. I do have some really pretty dresses but they look awful on typical boy bears. Oh well, I'd best get a few more nice cardigans done and then there are plenty for the boys too. Back to work


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BumbleVee said...

Both have really sweet faces Pauline... and, it is difficult to tell the difference in size ... I always think that is a good thing, for whatever reason... .