Tuesday, 20 November 2007

More Fun At The Fair!

Well Charlotte and I took a stand at a local craft fair last weekend, there has been a lot of discussions on Teddy Talk about promoting artist bears to people who do not know much about this craft. I printed out some awareness leaflets (an idea from Laura Lynn) to point out what an artist bear is, the price of mohair, type of joints and the finishing touches and handed these out to the public.

There were about 25 stands of different crafts and we were the only bear stand, we got such a lot of interest and surprisingly sold some bears, handed all the leaflets out and our business cards (you never know what comes from this) and had a fantastic day talking to everybody and the other exhibitors. Mind you, half way thorough the day my sister in law and her husband bobbed in to see us and whisked Charlotte of to a nearby pub for a swift half (I think that swift half turned into a few swift halfs) and I was left holding the fort. She did eventually come back and was walking straight so I forgave her.

We also got some leads for other similar craft stalls in our area and have booked up for a couple more, both for next month, we thought it a good idea as it was near to Christmas, the only trouble is for the second one we have to dress in Edwardian outfits, oh dear!! We are going to look sooooo comical, we are planning our outfits at the moment, we wonder whether to dress as Edwardian school children as we are both tiny (although I am not so tiny width ways!!) Anyway we are having fun looking at pictures of costumes and seeking out fabric. I will try and get some pictures on the day to put on here. Oh the exciting times our bear making brings to us!!

Warm wishes