Monday, 16 June 2008


Just thought I would pop in post a bit of news of what I have been up to. Besides a little holiday in beautiful Scotland (a few pictures to see), I have been mega busy with fairs and craft fairs this year, I now have a break from fairs though until October and then it all starts again. They are so much fun and I get to meet loads of people. I quickly realised that the craft fairs do not result in the sale of many bears but they are a good opportunity to promote the work of a bear artist and hopefully gain new collectors in the future - or even a few new bear makers, so this has compensated for the lack of sales at the smaller craft fairs. I have started taking along small bits and pieces of hand made things to sell which pays for the stand. However, I have decided to cut down next year on how many I do as I haven't been able to make as many bears and will book maybe just 2 craft fairs nearer home and then still do the bear fairs but maybe not as many as I have this year. It is easy to sit and sew bears at the fairs I know but I always feel it rude to sit behind my stand and sew, I to chat as much as possible to anybody who comes to look and also chat to other exhibitors. But as much as I have enjoyed them I will enjoy the summer break from them and catch up on some new bear designs that have been ticking over in my head.

Warm wishes