Thursday, 14 June 2012


At last I have finished the summer collection of bears I have been working on, I know there are only 5 but I am quite a slow bear maker and like to put lots of finishing touches to them, I have named them all afer flowers, we have Rose (pink girl at the back), Petunia (lilac on the left), Sweet Pea (pink n cream panda, Lupin (blue girl) and finally Marigold at the front. I have really enjoyed working with colour as most of my pieces are neutral colours with just the occasional splash of colour emerging every now and then.  I have popped them all onto my website, do go along and have a look at their pictures and details, there are also some nice little new outfits on the "clothes page" available to choose from.

Well back to the work room where I have some more neutral fabrics waiting to be cut out.  

Pauline xx