Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Bear Clothes for Fair

Just preparing for a bear fair which is next week and finished a few cardigans ready for all the bears to try on. Most of my stand will have bears that are on my web site hoping for new Mums and Dads but part of the stand will also have bear wear.

I am looking forward to a lovely day, meeting all the other artists and their bears and browsing around the suppliers for new mohair, glass eyes etc.

Then after the fair I am must try and work on some new designs that are in my head waiting to get out.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

One Of Those Weeks!

Well at the beginning of the week I had a great idea for a miniature bear and eagerly cut out my pieces, the mohair was a little thick for this size of bear. I usually use my turning forceps for miniature bears but could I find them amongst the messy drawers? No I didn't have a chance so rather than tidy up my drawers just then,I picked up one of my stuffing sticks, this would do for now... bad idea.... I carefully turned the little head, the arms , the tummy, first leg and then lo and behold, when I was turning the second leg - my last piece....

Oh no!!! The stick went through the foot pad and made a hole, can you see the picture with the stick through there. So this little bear sadly wont materialise now and has been put away in the drawer, with the mess (oh I don't throw anything much away, that's why my drawers are such a mess). Thankfully this (holes) does not happen often and I decide to spend the rest of the morning cleaning out the drawers, hurray found my forceps, pity it is too late for little brown bear! Never mind, we do have to learn from our mistakes!!

I have another idea and cut out a black bear, start to sew and whilst sewing have a better idea, so I put away black bear for now and cut out a pink bear, with great idea in my head start to sew enthusiastically. Half way through pink bear I get another idea, run to get more mohair out and cut out a panda. Now I have too many bears cut out and wonder which one to finish first, I walk from room to room thinking and then remember I have 4 little bear waistcoats that I knitted ready for my next bear fair on 9th June, but not sewn up and stuffed into a bag somewhere, and also there was the little bear dress that I finished which also needed sewing up to go with another idea I have for a bear. I decide to abandon the bears for a couple of days whilst my head clears and sew up the waistcoats and dress..... my mind will be clearer if I can finish a few things off.

Here are the finished waistcoats and dress!!

Now back to the bears with nice tidy drawers and two empty bags, I decide to pick up the panda and am hoping to finish him at the end of the week!

Warm wishes