Friday, 11 February 2011

Time Flys!

Time Flys!

Don't quite know where the last few months have gone to! Can't believe it is February already, Christmas and New Year went by like a blink of the eye! Anyway, it is ages since I wrote a blog post but want to write more regularly now.

What have I been up to..... well we are wanting to have another go at moving house this year, we tried before but the housing market crashed whilst we had the house on the market and so we pulled out, that was 2 years ago, so we have been doing a lot of jobs around the inside during this winter to help it to sell, only the more things we do to make it nice the more I don't want to leave, if only one could put wheels on and move a house, that is what we would do because it is a different area we are wanting to go to which is nearer to my Daughter.

On the bear front, I was so pleased that Apple and Blossom won second prize in the British Bear Artist Awards in December. I have slowed down just a little on making bears lately, I have to pace myself because of Osteoarthritis in both thumb joints and a couple of fingers, diagnosed a couple of years back but has got increasingly worse just lately. I do however pick up the knitting in between as I can't sit with nothing to do, a few bear outfits here and there, a couple of cardigains for me (a long time since I did that). Anyway I will leave you now and be back with more news very soon. Hope you like the picture of Honey that was adopted a little while ago.

Pauline xx