Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New Year's Resolution!

New Year's Resolution!

Well has everybody that made New Year resolutions stuck at them? I make the same one every year to cut out biscuits, sweets and cake only to find myself a week after with such a huge craving (it’s like a drug) that I cram more of those goodies into my stomach than I normally do to satisfy the week long craving. I seem to gain about 5 pounds in weight each year and it sticks around my middle for some reason.

This year I decided not to make the resolution and just to have the goodies when I feel like them but cut down on the amount and thought, instead I would do more exercise. I hate the sweaty, greasy gym equipment so my favourite way is to dance. I love to ballroom and Latin dance but have let it slide over the last few years so that just before Christmas I wasn’t doing any at all but I signed up for a new ballroom and Latin course this year in a bid to burn some calories AND…. Wait for it….. an Egyptian belly dancing course, oh my, the shimmying and waggling of the tummy doing this is, I am sure going to do the trick, I think I may lose so much weight that it won’t matter how many chocolate bars I eat a week. Honestly though it is so enjoyable, I can highly recommend it.

The belly dance class has just ladies of all ages and shapes, some wear belts full of dangly coins that tinkle as they shimmy. The ballroom class I attend with my hubby so he is getting exercise too, nobody gets too dressed up at this class just smart trousers or skirts but the place where we go just to social dance (without lessons) is very, very dressy, its usually on one Saturday night per month and the ballroom floor is huge, it ends up in 3 lanes as the better dancers move into the middle and centre for more room so it is like the motorway, slow and beginners around the edge, improvers in the middle and the inside with the professionals doing the quick step at about 40 miles per hour, it can get a bit dangerous if you don’t have much floor craft (we are not the centre ones by the way!!)

The funny thing is I am less tired with these classes, I can feel worn out in the evening and after a couple of hours at dance class I come out (at nearly bedtime) feeling less tired than I went and on such a high I don’t want to go to bed. I usually do an hour or so bear making to unwind before bed and the next morning, I am full of energy I seem to get more done through the day.

I don’t know if this will last or if I am going to be disappointed when I get on the scales, but I am sure whatever the outcome it is good for the body and such fun. Everyone should try it.