Tuesday, 27 March 2012



Not sure where my last (St Patrick's) post went, I noticed it had mysteriosly vanished, whether I had hit delete button myself by mistake I do not know but never mind, hopefully won't happen again.

The sun is shining here in Yorkshire and is warming up nicely now, won't be long before we can potter about in the garden and maybe sit out on the patio, makes you feel much better.

With Easter around the corner I have been in bunny mood and here is my Easter bunny collection, at the back we have Meg (with red bows), Mabel with cream bows, Clover the heather coloured girl and last but not least cheeky Rascal with his tam and waistcoat on. Meg has already been adopted but you can find the other ones waiting to be adopted on my website ... Valewood Bears

Next on the Valewood Bears calendar is the Leeds Doll and Teddy fair on the 7th April, hoping to have a few new faces to take there and also a new beary knitwear collection, won't be long now, it's always a nice atmosphere and an interesting fair with both dolls and bears if you care to come and say hello, more details on my website (fairs page).