Sunday, 15 February 2009

Demelza's New Life

Demelza's New Life

Working as a Bear Artist gives me tremendous satisfaction as I complete each bear and they are all my favorites once completed until I finish the next one and then that one is my favorite for a while, but I have to admit I have a few all time favorites, who I sometimes wish I had kept for myself. Demelza was one of those bears, who graced the home page of my website for a long time after she had sold. However, what makes it easier to accept Demelza flying from the nest was to know she went to a lovely lady who treasures her as much as I did, in fact she has a much better and interesting life. Lucky Demelza went to live in Germany and has a very busy life with her new Mum Sonja who takes her on holidays and very kindly sends me up-dates and photographs, the last one was a riding holiday where she met the horses and was able to sit and watch her new Mum having lessons, you can just see her sat on the fence above one of the horses there! There is also a picture of her with her new friend who Demelza's Mum also adopted, dosen't she look happy. I am told that there are plans in preparation for a skiing holiday next month and her Mum is on the lookout for a little skiing outfit for Demelza. I do hope I get some pictures, what a lucky little bear.


Sunday, 8 February 2009



I was tagged by Ruth of Flutter Bye Bears . I have to say 6 random facts about me and tag 6 other people. Most people I see have been tagged already so I will just write the 6 random facts.

1. I have a driving license but haven't driven a car for about 10 years!.

2. When I was 6 years old I climbed out of the bedroom window to get a toy which I could see in the gutter that must have been dropped there by the children who lived there before us. The roof was slippy with rain and I fell into the garden on a rockery. I was taken to hospital but only had shock, no broken bones - the doctor was amused and said I must have floated down as I was so light and thin.

3. I eat dry bread, I hate butter, margerine, spread or mayo.

4. I have two's, I like things in two's and do things twice.

5. I learned my daughter to read as a baby (she is grown up now). I didn't work so had time and found a book called "Learn Your Baby to Read" that came with flash cards, you started them at 8 month. I didn't believe it would work but amazingly she could read before she could talk and fluently at 2 1/2.

6. When my family buy cereal they try to hide it as I mix it all together in a plastic carton to save space, it infuriates them having to eat a mixture of cornflakes, sugar puffs and rice crispies etc.

Have a nice day