Monday, 21 April 2008

Spring Bears


Its a while since I last posted on my blog, I have been really busy with bear fairs and craft fairs and just had time to look around and I think, I hope, spring is here, daffodils in the garden is a sure sign and after making Apple Blossom my little pink and green elephant I seem to have continued with the spring theme in my bears. My latest creations are Blossom a miniature pink bunny, Meggi a delicate apple green 6 inch sweetie and Yoshi an 11 inch cream and smoky blue panda. It is fairly unusual for me to work with these bright colours, most of my bears are browns and creams and a lot of them aged. However, I am finding myself increasingly drawn to pretty bright colours at the moment, it must be with the cold and dreary winter we have had. Blossom bunny is on Bid4Bears
until Sunday. Meggi is on Ebay until Sunday and Yoshi the panda is available direct from my website (the link is on the top left of my Blog).

Warm Wishes