Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Been so busy in the last few months with alterations to the house after moving in last year and trying to fit new bears in between, still looking for bear fairs in the area but haven't found any nearby so think I will have to travel further than I had hoped, I have however been doing a few high end craft fairs nearby, joined the "Crafty Ladies" Lowestoft fairs, met a lot of nice people and introduced artist bears to a lot of people who didn't know about them before.
Hubby spent the winter refurbishing an old greenhouse that was here when we moved in, the wood was perfect, it was quite large but the glass was all broken, he took it all out, put in new polycarbonate glass panels in, freshened up the woodwork, mended some of the staging, re-done the water butt system and now it is full of nice things growing in there for us to eat, tomatoes, salads, peppers, corgettes etc.  Also the garden now has potatoes carrots, strawberries, rhubarb, pears and plans for lots more in the spring, its getting more like "the good life" by the day.
Will hopefully be up-dating my blog a bit more now I have a bit more time to spare.  Hope you like the collection of bears I made for one of the craft fairs, they looked so nice all together on the stall, still have a few of those looking for new homes.
Bye for Now
Pauline xx