Sunday, 13 May 2012

A New Piggy

Well still in Piggy mode at the moment, haven't gotten much further with the summer collection of bears I am afraid, I hadn't been back working on the bears very long when this piggy pink mohair was calling me from my fabric stash so once again I had to leave the poor bears and make up my second piggy, she was meant to be a boy one but looked such a delicate little thing she had to be a girl and have this little crochet dress on which just finished her off so nicely I thought. Anyway I must get a bit further with my summer bears now or else summer will be gone and they will be in my work basket until next year, the thing is, it doesnt feel very summery at the moment, the weather is awful and blustery here, so not very inspiring at all.  Hope we get some sunshine very soon.

See you next time
Pauline x