Saturday, 26 October 2013

Happy Day
Well I am doing the happy dance as have managed to get my website back working.  I found a brilliant local computer shop who took me under his wing and did everything needed to get my site working again, they also host the Frontpage extensions so they are able to host my site on their server which is great, a smaller company than I had used before giving the best service ever.
 I have already updated the website with Zola who I am happy to say was adopted within half an hour, this is the wacky bear that I mentioned was coming in last post on here, very unusual mohair which was hand dyed in striking colours, I am happy I was able to do it justice with Zola.  
The next bear will be at 10 inch high honey coloured Alpaca bear, not sure if he will be girl or boy yet, pop back  in a few days if you would like to see the finished bear or check out my website 
Pauline x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A New Bear

As promised I am back here with a new bear, Meg is 8.5 inches high standing although she prefers to sit.  I created Meg from a lovely rich chocolate brown mohair with paw and foot pads in matching German wool felt.  Meg has a cotter pin jointed head and her limbs are all nut and bolt jointed, she is filled with a mixture of poly/cotton and steel shot, she is quite a heavy little girl for her size.  Meg has premium black glass eyes with white accents and nose is embroidered in black cotton pearl thread.  Meg is wearing a cute little lacey knitted coat which is slightly aged for her, a lacey bow at her head also slightly aged and around her neck a wooden heart in colour to match her fur.  If you would like to adopt Meg please get in touch
 Her adoption fee is £79.00 plus £6.60 postage and packing for UK.  I do post worldwide please ask for postage to your country.

Thanks for looking at Meg.... Pauline x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Website and Computer Problems

After getting a new computer (hard drive part) last week we somehow lost the link to our website host.  Therefore I cannot publish my website after up-dating and unfortunately nobody can see the website if they are visiting.  I am trying my best to get this sorted out but having trouble with the hosting people not bothering to help or calling me back.  If we don't have any luck soon, going to ask for a refund and go with another host which will take time up again before I am online again.  Meanwhile, any new available bears I have will be posted on here, also any new bear clothes (although might not be many clothes now until after Christmas).  You can also find me on Facebook (Valewood Bears) as I post new bears on there too.  Here are two bears that I have listed on Ebay this week, here is a link to the auction Valewoodbears

Also I have been busy knitting cuddly waistcoats and hat sets for a lovely lady to put on her gorgeous bears to wear, thought you might like a little look at them.  

Next to come are a few bigger bears than the Ebay ones, a 9 inch dark brown mohair and a 7 inch hand dyed one in very wacky colours which is unusual for me.  There is also a tan fluffy Alpaca bear cut out which will be 10" high, so please pop back in a few days time and I might have one or more to show you.

Bye for now and hugs

Pauline x