Friday, 25 January 2008

I'm Neele Felting at Last!!!

I'm Needle Felting at last!!!

Well, at last I think I am conquering the needle felting phobia…. I have longed to try but had this, big phobia going on for ages with the needles, I eventually took the plunge and got over it. The first try was just a hard round ball which I just discarded. The second try was this red bear head, not sure if I will treat him to a body and am thinking about this at the moment. The third try was to felt onto an already made bear’s face and this white bear is the result and I think I personally prefer this to making a bear from scratch. I didn’t find needle felting easy, I found it quite difficult to shape a bear’s head with a needle, sponge and bit of fluffy wool… amazing, and I am now in awe of the talented needle felt artists that make whole and beautiful creations. I am still in disbelief that I did not prick myself once …I did come very, very near… but I must admit I did use that needle very, very, very, very slowly ha ha, Charlotte had a bit of a laugh through this little challenge.

I do not love this technique but I am so glad I know how to do it now and I feel it will be a valuable addition to add to my bear making techniques for the future.

Warm wishes



BumbleVee said...

Well, at least you gave it a try Pauline... have to say I do love it, probably because I get to see a little face much quicker than if I were to stitch one.

I like little Red.... he sure does want a body.............maybe Charlotte will finish him off.

The white bear is very sweet...but probably was already sweet before his bit of felting...

glad u gave it a go.

Anonymous said...
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Aleta said...

Well, my dear, you're waaaay ahead of me!! I still can't get over the needles. I stick myself with pins.....imagine what would happen with those barbed needles. ACK!!

I think your attempts are wonderful!! Yay for you!! :o)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pauline,

I love your needle felting! Well done, you really have mastered it.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my bear on the TT. You are a sweetheart.

Bren from the TT :~)