Monday, 30 April 2012

A New Design

I lost my mojo last week with my bear making and although I had a few bears cut out and in various stages of construction I wasn't enjoying them, so when I feel like this I have to have a break from them and do something fresh. Sometimes it might just be that I need a new stash of fabrics  to inspire me but at the moment the amount of fabric I have in my cupboard did not justify a splurge on some more.  So I brought a design that I had floating in my head for about 4 or 5 months to life and my lovely piggy girl was born.  She took quite a while from design to construction but I am so thrilled with how she came out that I want to now create some more piggies, girls and boys, small and tall, this little one is 9" which was an ideal size to start a new design.  
This was just what I needed and I feel very refreshed now, mojo back I can get on and finish those bears that I had put aside before cutting out some more piggies. 

See you next time

Pauline x


heibeni-bären said...

Hi Pauline,
I found your blog with your sweet bears and your pig is fantastic :)
many bear hugs from a miniature bear artist from germany and a new fan

Pauline said...

Hi Nicole, thanks so much for the lovely words. I just visited your blog and your little bears are very cute too, I would have like to click the "follow" button but didn't know the German word to click on but will keep an eye on your work.x
Pauline x