Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fun of the Fair

I had a great day at the Pudsey bear fair on Saturday. Some bears went to new homes and my knitted bear wear seemed popular again. There was a steady stream of people coming through for most of the day. The best part is getting to meet all these lovely people and chatting. I also really enjoyed chatting to all the other artists, some I had met before at other fairs and also met some artists that I hadn’t met before, there are such a lot of talented people out there.

I was lucky that I had a couple of helpers on the day, my Mum wanted a day out so she came along and my daughter, Charlotte is home for a while and came along too bringing a few of her miniature bears to sit on the table. This enabled me to leave somebody on the table whilst I went shopping, another highlight of the day. I fell in love with lots of bears but this little one from Lynne of Flossy Bears really stole my heart on the day so she came home with me. I also bought new mohair and other supplies to keep me going for a while.

The table next to me had Rita Harwood of Woodland Teddies and she was demonstrating needle felting. I had heard of this craft and seen some wonderful bears made from this but some of the stories I had heard about the sharp needles and punctured arteries had put me off looking into it further so I had not seen it done until I saw Rita demonstrating. It was fascinating so we bought one of her kits. I haven’t yet got around to having a go but Charlotte has been in a needle felting frenzy since Saturday, I haven’t seen her face much since, she has been huddled over a piece of sponge, pricking, pricking, pricking, first she made a ball, then a bear’s head, then a flower for one of her mini bears that she had just finished (picture here on the blog) and is now in the process of a full bear and she hasn’t pricked her finger or punctured any arteries yet. I am surprised at how quickly she has got into it. I am seriously planning to have a go really soon.

The next Pudsey fair is March but I am booked for a local craft fair next month to try and promote artist bears and I am so looking forward to it.

Going to get my hands into my new supplies now and cut out some bears.

Warm wishes


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Vee said...

Pauline.... get busy poking away at some pretty coloured Romney wool. You will love needle felting too, I am sure.

Honestly, I have never heard of anything like anybody sticking an artery ..hahahah.. I think somebody was exaggerating quite a bit. Yeh, if you are stabbing away too vigorously and happen to get a hurts...but really.... every time you stick yourself stitching up a bear seam it hurts too. You learn not to stab so hard after a bit... you don't need all felts up easily. Did you ever go to my picturetrail site and see my felties? I love making them.

Love the little purple guy you bought.... it is very sweet. You will have to post Charlotte's felting creation on here we can see it.