Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New Design

A New Bear Design
I have been busy for a while now improving my needle felting and wanted to incorporate it into my bears in some ways. I do love trying out new tecniques, some I never try again but with needle felting I wanted to persevere until I mastered it as I could see the potential detail I would be able to add to my bears. I finally came up with a bear design that I am very pleased with. These are the first two, with needle felted faces and feet detail. The khaki coloured one is called Corky and was adopted last week and is now living in Scotland and the little blue one is Bugsy, who is now on Ebay looking for a new home. There are more in the pipe line but I am awaiting a lovely mohair order arriving and can't wait to get started when it arrives.



BumbleVee said...

hey Pauline.... long time...

what a cute way to incorporate some needle felting! way to go... I still have not tried to put any onto a mohair nose.... must give it a go some day.

Honestly, I am doing so little craft-wise.. more gardening than anything. I should at least sit on the patio with some wine and just stitch something...... sigh......

Pauline said...

Hi Vee, thanks, yes I did persevere with the needle felting and love the effects it gives.

I wouldn't worry about not doing crafts as much as long as you are enjoying life and it sounds a good idea for the patio to me.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pauline,

Your new bears, ~ Bugsy and Corky are adorable.

I have never given needlefelting a go, but must be neat when you get the hang of it.

I am sitting on the computer but should really
be going to work on my bears.

Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs Carolyn x

Bumpkin Bears said...

Pauline, thanks for visiting my blog - those bears are just precious - love the feet too :) Catherine x

Laurie said...

Everytime I see a new needlefelted creation of yours Pauline it reminds me of my kit that I haven't tried out that I had for xmas.You seem to have got the hang of it though and needlefelting allows you to do so much.Great bears by the way.