Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year!

Hello and a very happy 2009 to you all. My first bear to start the New Year is Gok, a tatty little panda bear. I had him in progress over the Christmas holiday, we went to the Suffolk area but I didn't get time to sew much. Anyway here he is and has now made it on to Ebay until Sunday evening.

I have just had a nice order of mohair fabric and in my excitement I cut 2 little rabbits out immediately, was in the middle of putting the pieces together and then stopped to cut out again, 2 bears this time. Then I later in the day I had another flash of inspiration which led to me having 2 rabbits and 5 bears cut out!! I normally only work on 2 at a time so it is a little daunting now to see all 7 of them placed in individual plastic bags waiting to be sewn up. So watch this space for some new little faces appearing soon.



BumbleVee said...

Happy New Year Pauline!!

Boy...you are definitely in energy mode for the beginning of a new one.... .... I can't imagine making that many bears in a year never mind cutting 'em all out in a day....acckkk! Somewhere, somehow...I must find time and energy to do more this year....

your new little guy is very sweet....

Jigpaws said...

I LOVE your little Gok Pauline, he's soooooo cute :o)

WOW.......7 bears cut out and ready to be sewn, I wish I was that organised!!! Can't wait to see them all sewn up and finished :o)


Draffin Bears said...

Happy New Year to you Pauline ~ albeit a little late!

Gok is very cute.

Good luck with your seven bears waiting to be sewn up.


FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Pauline I have just given you a blog award, for details just visit my blog
Huggies Sue xx

Ruth said...

Hiya Pauline ,
I have just tagged you !
If you'd like to play , and reveal 6 things about yourself , please visit my blog for the rules .
Hugs , Ruth