Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kitchen Progress

Kitchen Progress

Well we have progresses slightly with the kitchen, units are all in, worktops on, new oven and hob in and working, ceiling just needs one more coat of paint (I have promised Alan I will live with the ceiling for a little while and I'm trying not to look at it too much, need some new inset lights in there yet as the ones we have are white and they need to be silver)

We need to tile on the walls yet so it looks a bit bland and dirty, we have no flooring yet, this will be coming in a few weeks. Then the fun part for me will be making curtains/blinds, getting accessories and putting finishing touches on. I did expect to be finished by May but still have another month or so work. The new cooker I think looks nice but the performance is not as good as my last one. It's not as hot and takes forever to cook meat, my muffins are heavy, my Yorkshire puddings look done and rise well but are not done in the middle, either I just have to get used to it yet or there is something wrong like maybe too much heat coming out of the seal (just guessing here) or controls faulty.

Well, back to work, I have a fair at the weekend and have to get a few bears finished yet.



Laura Lynn said...

Your kitchen is looking lovely Pauline! As for your cooker, I've heard that each is different and you do have to get used to them. I hope that is the case with yours. It would be a lot simpler :)
Hugz, LL

BumbleVee said...

Oh, it is soooo annoying getting used to new appliances..... but, you'll figure it out Pauline.... and then it will be nice to have them.

My backsplash is still not tiled...I must find some I like and get on with that.... sigh...always another thing to do isn't there.... instead of the fun dollying......hhahahah