Friday, 19 June 2009

A Passion for Elephants!

A Passion For Elephants

I can't stop making these little vintage style elephants and just thought I would bob them on to say hello. It is a new design for me and I am loving making them. The grey one, Eleena, blue one Ola and gold one is Effie and have all found forever homes. Kiki is the pink one and is on Ebay at the moment to look for her special Mum or Dad.

I have such a soft spot for real elephants too, I watch every nature programme on TV about them, they seem such gentle giants and are so sensitive, and they way they all rally round to look after the babies, it's just amazing to watch them.

Hope you enjoy the picturs of my little ones. I am having a change now though and am creating couple of pandas which are around 12 inches - quite large for me as I seem to make more of the smaller bears.

Have a good weekend


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Laurie said...

They are all lovely elephants Pauline...once you start making them they soon become addictive.I have to stop and think sometimes as I am planning to make more elephants than bears!
I hope you have a lovely time in Norfolk and get to visit Norwich as I am sure you will love it.