Monday, 9 August 2010

Another Bear Creator in the Family!

Another Bear Creator in the Family!

Its being a long time since I up-dated my blog, time flies by too quickly, and with a feel of Autumn around the corner now my mind is more on bear making and less on gardening and sitting in the sun although we have only had a few weeks hot weather it has been lovely.

There have also been a few changes with my family, my Daughter is back in the bear making world after a break of 2 years due to the demanding work she has been doing dancing and singing in shows every evening. She has now decided it's time change direction a little, she is still connected with dancing but is opening a little dance school in September and is going to be teaching instead of performing. This will give her time again to feed her passion for bear making as instead of rehearsals through the day time she will now make her little bears and teaching dance in the evenings and Saturdays.

I was thrilled to see this little bear she just has completed, the first in two years, I think he is megga cute, his name is Bon Bon and he is a tiny 3 inches high. Charlotte's little bears can be found for adoption on her new blog Bears By Charlotte, do pop over to have a look.

Hugs Pauline xx


Heather said...

I'll pop over right away, what a cute little creation! :)

Alicia said...

The little bear is adorable. I'll go now to see her blog. I wish her good look and a lot of fun with the changes in her life ;-)
Lot of love

Pauline said...

Thank you Heather and Alicia.

Pauline xx

Wendy Walker {M. E. Bears Since 1994} said...

It is so lovely when your daughter also enjoys making bears. My daughter did until she started full time work. She was lucky to win a few novice awards too.
Love Bon much detail!
I would be so pleased if you would follow my blogs too!
We are going toward spring here Down Under and look forward to getting some feeling back into my toes!
Hugs Wendy XXX

Pauline said...

Hi Wendy, thank you for stopping by, I am sure your Daughter will also come back to bears very soon, working time does get in the way sometime. We will both love to follow your blog too. Will get links on soon.

Pauline xx