Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Machine's Galore

Machines Galore

I just thought I would introduce my latest baby, who is taking a lot of my time up at the moment, it's a Singer 99K, really old but working beautifully, I have developed a real obsession with buying sewing machines of late, there are now 5 living with me and I don't have the room. I now have a Singer 201K (also vintage), an Elna Club Computer, a Bernina Virtuosa and a Bernette (the baby Bernina), now this new Singer 99K, I don't need all these machines and this will have to stop I know but I do have my eye on an old vintage Bernina (just like the one I used at school years ago) and I think I may now have to use the "one out, one in" method and part with one before getting this new Bernina so that I stick with 5 and no more! It is interesting just how different they all are. I should be making bears as I have a fair looming in 3 weeks time but I am playing at making curtains/cushions, taking up new jeans, making boot cut jeans into straight leg jeans etc. and enjoying seeing what the different feet will do. However, I do have some new bears finished and just waiting for their accessories.. must put the machine away for a while soon and finish the bears. Will show some pictures in just over a week's time hopefully.

Have a happy week

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