Sunday, 3 November 2013

Festive Delights 

I know its only November but Christmas won't be that long and I like to get organised early, perhaps its because I also have a few birthdays around that time to prepare for too,  I did buy a new Christmas tree a couple of weeks back too as our old one was spoiled during our house move in June, so I am feeling a little festive already.  I have a few nice pieces of fabric ready to cut out for some seasonal bears but before cutting them out I have up-dated the website
Valewood Bears  with some beautiful seasonal outfits, this may be the last batch before Christmas as I prepare to work on some bears but you never know!  Just might make a few mince pies for the freezer and perhaps a Christmas cake in the next couple of days before I start work on the Christmas bears.

Have a lovely week 
Pauline xx

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