Sunday, 26 April 2009

Another DIY weekend and a Bear on Ebay

DIY and a Bear

Hello, hope everyone had a good weekend. We have spent yet another weekend with the kitchen facelift. This time hubby painted white over the knotty wood pine ceiling that he put in 10 years ago and wich he was filled with pride in at the time. Now very dated but he was reluctant to take it down. The kitchen is white with black worktops with stainless steel cooker/hob and sink top, I had planned to add some bits of red for warmth and a black tiled floor (dramatic and up-to-date) but now the ceiling is white wooden pannelled it is all reminding me of Laura Ashley and now wondering if to go with that look and add some flowery bits and bats and curtains/blinds. Or do I dig my heels in and demand the ceiling removed, stick to my original plans but it will only cause more expense and upheaval as I suspect the ceiling would need re-doing or at least skimming, but there again, I have never been a fan of pastel/Laura Ashley prints and flowers. Oh decisions!!

On the bear front, I had a little bear on Ebay last week, called Kazu, that didn't find a Mum or Dad, despite a starting bid a lot less than he would have sold on my website for. I will add him to my website later this week and see what happens. I suppose times are hard and also Ebay is slow when the weather is warm which it has been. This week I decided to be brave and list Blossom, a pretty pink bunny for 99p with no reserve to see what happens, this has worked in the past quite well, but with the present economic climate it could be a flop. Blossom has been with me to a few Bear Fairs and hasn't gained a new Mum or Dad and I think now is the time for her to find her forever home. I am a little scared as since listing her last night she has watchers in double figures but not one bid, 99p and NOT ONE BID, heck it is almost free and no takers, oh well it is early days, the auction runs for a week, will be very interesting.

Take care all and have a good week



lapousmor said...

Sounds very interesting, this new deco of your kitchen!

I would love to see photos of it.

I think you should follow your own idea of deco with colours and style you are found of. you do not have to follow someone else's deco style. Create yours!

good luck with your auctions, Pauline!

lots of love,

FenBeary Folk said...

Now we can't have poor Blossom homeless ;)

I will have to cross my fingers now xxxxx
Sue xx

PS I am bet your kitchen will look lovely, I am sure you can make the red work

Pauline said...

Hi Sophie and Sue, thanks for popping by, I am working on hubby for the ceiling down so I can stick to the red plans!

Sue!!!! Bless you sweetheart, you know what I mean. xxxx

Luv you both


FenBeary Folk said...

Not sure I know what you mean, hehe!!! ;) LOL!

I just wish I had a bit more to spend BUT I would give her a lovely and all the cuddles she needs xxxx