Friday, 17 April 2009

DIY Madness

DIY Madness

Hello, hope everyone had a nice Easter break. We took the time to do some jobs on the house, I think a lot of people choose Easter and the beginning of spring to sort out house jobs as the DIY shops were absolutely heaving, I have never seen them so busy, and I suppose with the "credit crunch" more people are choosing to improve their homes rather than move. We had a new kitchen installed last month, it is almost finished but we are now in the middle of new floor covering/decorating etc. There were a few mishaps with the company we bought the kitchen from, like they forgot to deliver one of the major work tops with the kitchen and had to re-oder for it and wanted to charge a further £30 for delivery, we thought it outgragous especially as it was their fault it was forgotton about but we didn't get anywhere with the arguement and hubby decided to pick it up himself. After 2 weeks it arrived and they rang us to say it had arrived, as it was 3 metre long hubby took along his saw to cut it to size in the car park so it would fit in the car, they only gave him the wrong one, a glossy one instead of matt and as it was dark in the car park he cut the wrong one in half. He got it home before he realised they had given him the wrong one, rang them up immediately and our one was still at the shop and he had cut sombody elses up and had to take it back and then had to repeat the cutting process with our own one. The other one was a special order for another customer so poor things will have to wait a few weeks for theirs! A few more things like this but I won't go into everything.

Anyway I haven't got much motivation for bear making at the moment as I am not comfy cosy in the house with all the DIY going on but I did manage to get little Saffron done and list her on Ebay last week, her listing runs out on Sunday

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



BumbleVee said...

oh, noooooo ...poor you Pauline...I know it only too well.. having been at it for 23+ years with this house.
The trades and lots of the ordering places are the pits to work is never ending with all the screw ups and cheesy shortcuts they try to take. Sometimes you win and most times you lose with they make the errors....sigh..... I feel your anguish.... hang in there... I can't say it gets better but, sometimes it gets finished okay...and we carry on with the next project.... silly us hey? hahahha

FenBeary Folk said...

I love little Saffron, so sweet. What a time you have had with your kitchen and I thought we were the only people that this kind of thing happen too..............not that I have a new kitchen, one can dream hehe!!
Sue xx

lapousmor said...

Oh dear! Sounds like you have been very stressed with all these mistakes with your kitchen. This reminds me the story with our wood stove. Many mistake from the DIY shop too... But all eventually became fixed.

Good luck with your DIY and teddy bear making!

Lots of love,