Monday, 11 May 2009

A Kitchen Bargain

A Kitchen Bargain

I can't believe we are still on with our kitchen. I really thought it would be completed by now but although the kitchen is all in we still have no floor (just floorboards and a bit of carpet at the other side, no tiling or decorating. The wooden ceiling is still in the process of being painted, will take pictures of where we are now later but I had to show off this bargain table I just bought. We did already have a table which was a huge oval pine one that seated about 8 or more but as we had an island built in the new kitchen, there was no room for it to come back in so I had to look for another. I wanted something similar but smaller and searched high and low to no avail for a month or more, went everywhere except one shop that I knew would be too expensive for us and avoided it.
After a month of searching I finally thought as I was passing the expensive shop and there was a 20% off sale for that day, I might as well have a look and torture myself. There are 3 floors of the most beautiful wooden furniture (all colours) so very well made but price tags way over what I was able to afford. THEN..... on the second floor there was a sign that said "end of line and seconds section upstairs". Up I scrambled and then.... my heart skipped a beat, there was an oval table, 4 seater that extended to 6 (no chairs) just as beautifully and solidly made as the ones downstairs, exactly what I was looking for. Hubby said "oh it definitely is the wrong colour, it's no good". I said "it won't be when you have finished with it dear". I looked at the price tag and it was half price (because the salesman said of a tiny scratch and also the colour was the deepest mahogany, almost black and dated... did I care!) and a further 30% off that day!! I didn't listen to hubby's whining voice, I just said "I will take it". I can see it in my minds eye painted white, just like all the shabby chic painted white furniture that is in the shops now and so up-to-date. It is after all hubbys fault for painting the wooden ceiling boards white to save the mess and cost of having it re-done or skimmed, as I mentioned before I had no intention of having a shabby chic style kitchen before he did this and all my plans changed, it might be a while before I get this table done as things are going slower than I'd like and I am using the table with a cover on at the moment, will post pictures of the finished table hopefully soon. Now I am looking for new chairs for it and hoping for a similar bargain.

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lapousmor said...

Hi Pauline!
I am glad you finally found the table you were dreaming about for your kitchen. It sounds like you will have more painting to do, hehehehehehehe!
Now if not in a rush to do the table, you can still put a white cover on it to match with the rest of the kitchen, hehehehehehehehehe!
I look forward to see photos of your kitchen.

Oh and now, where in your house are you doing your bear making???

Kissies to Alan and you...
I hope Charlotte and your parents are well.


Pauline said...

Hi Sophie, yes it may have a cover on it for years ha ha ha, we are so slow. The smallest bedroom is now the workroom, I am looking for a special table for the sewing machine with some drawers at the side, every one I see is too large though as it is such a small room.

Charlotte is great thanks, still working in Suffolk, Mum and Dad are still good (touch wood) and Mum still making cakes and playing the keyboard he he he, do you remember???

Kisses to you and Malko too. xx

BumbleVee said...

oh, how I love bargains! If things are regular price I ask the salespeople what their bottom price is. Then, wrangle even a bit more out of them. If there is a scratch..or if I have checked the store for months and the article is still sitting there, I mention that it has been a floor model for quite some time and is getting a bit worn, etc... . etc..
I hate to pay retail; I know just how much those markups are! I sail in and out of the most elite shops quite regularly, pretending I can afford anything I want......on purpose. They know me on sight and they absolutely WILL make deals...especially now. When their stock doesn't move...they get desperate to make a sale...

I bought 3 side tables at wonderful prices when I was furnishing our front room.. one was supposed to have a scratch too..but, nobody has ever found it... I could see it in the light at the store... but, now... ???it seems to have disappeared.

For my craft room I bought a dining table at IKEA on sale...It has two leaves that are in all the time. ..and for drawers...I bought a rolling set of drawers that fits perfectly under the end of the table. The drawers were such a bargain at only $140... and are perfect for all my sewing stuff and other artsy things... paints, papers, brushes and colouring stuff....

I always give IKEA a look first... amazing what goodies they have. And... surprisingly well made too. I bought a display unit with glass in the doors..for my dolls...the only one I found with lots of space between adjustable shelves. I have one doll that is 26" high and none of the others I found had that much room. Greg was happily surprised that it was solid and square when he put it together. The rolling drawers he declared "superb" craftsman..built in Germany.... he loves anything German for quality....

Also... another place that often has great buys is a very nice consignment shop near you have any of those? Check your phone book.....I have sold furniture there as well in the past..... they always have interesting things.

Pauline said...

Ohhh Vee!! You know all the tricks, I will have to try some of those tips for sure. I too love Ikea they are so good for space saving ideas there. I love the idea of the rolling set of drawers too. I think we do have a consignment store quite near and have been meaning to check it out, might go have a look for some dining chairs there.

Thanks for popping by Vee


Ruth said...

Hi Pauline ,
Please accept a "Makes My Heart Smile Award" from me to put on your blog - all the details are on my latest post .
Big Hugs , Ruth :0)