Monday, 15 March 2010

A New Craft!!!

A New Craft!!

Hope everyone is well and had a nice weekend. I had my head down working on the bears for most of the weekend as it is the Leeds Bear Fair on the 27th March and it seems to have come around so quickly since the beginning of the year when I thought I had loads of time. I have booked a week off from my afternoon office job the week before so get a bit more time then.

I got a surprise in the post a few days back, a Mother's day present from my daughter, this craft kit of making jewelery! I do feel a bit daunted as I know I must find time to have a go as she will be asking. She knows I do love everything crafty and she teaches jewelery making where she works at Warner's Leisure Hotels through the day time in addition to her dancing/singing in the shows at night. Whilst were were visiting her last summer I sat in one of her lessons and made a pair of earrings under her supervision and was so thrilled she must have remembered and had supplies on her list for future gifts for me. I look forward to stealing a little time on my week off from the afternoon job next week to make a start, though I wish I had my Daughter here to help, I used to watch her a couple of years ago when she was at home and wish I had taken more interest then. But I am determined to make her proud of me and it is only fair as I taught her to make bears which she was at home which she took on with such eagerness and ended up selling them, I was proud of her but she just has not got the time just now for bears with the hours she works and constant rehearsals but I am sure it will still be there when she has the time to take it up again. Would'nt it be a boring life without crafts, nothing nicer and satisfying than creating something from scratch I think.

ps!! How do you make the text smaller, I went to edit post, change the font to normal, published and it is still the same...... large, oh isn't technology great!!!

Have a good week


BumbleVee said...

hey Pauline.... we just keep having a go at any and all crafty endeavours don't we? love 'em all...

If you are changing font size in the compose must first highlight the whole post..then click on the size and put normal...or sometimes even the smaller size.... but,I am not sure how to get the size normal for all posts. Perhaps go into customize and look for a size in there under posts or editing or something like that. I'll go have a look at mine and get back to you if I find anything....

Pauline said...

Hi Vee, lovely to hear from you. Thank you for the tips, will have a further look at that.xx


Unknown said...

Hi Pauline
I have just visited your blog for the first time and your bears are absolutely gorgeous. My beloved sister also lives in Yorkshire in the village of Haworth. Anywhere near you? I live in South Africa and am very homesick for England

Pauline said...

Hi Coraleen, thanks for bobbing by my blg. lovely to hear from you.Glad you like the bears. I do live very near to your sister, about 9 miles away we are nearer to Halifax but visit Howarth quite regularly. Its a lovely village.