Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy Days!

Happy Days!

Well it's a few weeks now since the decision to cut out the afternoon job and after a scary "what have I done" mood for a while I have settled into a nice routine and am much happier, I have yet to find out if it's the right choice financially and I may find I have to make slight cut backs in certain things I spend on for now, but I do have a lot more time on my hands to achieve the things I want to do.

Besides more time for bear making I have started back at sewing group in the village where I live, a nice get together treat with like minded people just one day a week and going to start Zumba one evening a week soon to make up for the lack of exersise I am now getting without my daily walks to the bus stop and back, it all adds up doesn't it. Also more time for cooking nice evening dinners instead of grabbing takeaways etc and so am sure we will be a much healthier household than before. Looking forward to the time I can get out into the garden to work a little when the weather gets better so more exersise and perhaps a little sit down in the sunshine with the bear making, will see!

I will leave you with a picture of my first bear of 2012, Lydia, as I now have more time I was able to give her lots of added detail such as an inset muzzle, white eye accents, little eyebrows and a cute little outfit, really enjoyed this one. She is listed with Ebay this week, fingers crossed she gets a nice new family.
See you next time
Pauline xx

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