Monday, 30 January 2012


Valentine Collection

Doesn't time fly by quickly, it not long since I was busy with the Christmas bears! With Valentine day approaching soon I thought I would show you my new Hearts and Flowers collection of bears and bunnies Elspeth and Romeo are the two traditional teds at the back, the two bunnies at the front are Rose and Jak and little Yara is the anime style in the middle.... I think she feels like the odd one out, just as well she is now on her way to meet her new Mum. I had a lovely time with the outfits as besides the bears, knitting and crochet are my favorite other hobbies and I think it fits right in with the bears. Elspeth (the girl at the back) and Jak (boy bunny) are still available for adoption from my website.

Pauline x

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